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Man, that was great structured playing. You consistently kept complimenting your improv. motif, essentially.
I listened to you for awhile, since back in the day at SOTW. In my opinion, this is the best solo I have ever heard you play!

I truly enjoyed it! I only listen for the solo'


Victoria, BC
Thanks guys,

I was playing at a Jam yesterday and I didn't think I played particularly well. Maybe just mistakes that most people wouldn't really catch. Anyway I had a few people come up and talk to me saying they've been coming to the jams ever since I have and that they can really tell that I'm moving in the right direction. Funny how that happens.

I saw a guy the other day who I used to run into when I first got to Vancouver 5+ years ago. He said "You sound SOOOO much better, but you still sound just like you!"

Funny how that happens also.....

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