take five - paul desmond - tenor sax


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Hi guys,

Can anyone provide me with full version of this tune on tenor sax? the idea is for me to learn by ear, as i dont like the fake book version... I know its possible to learn from the alto version and the tune sounds best on alto... but i play tenor sax, so can anyone point me to a good tone or interpertation of this tune on tenor sax would be great.


Hi Tommy,

Well basically, I searched in youtube to find tenor version of this tune but can't find any that's a good basis for me to play by ear.

hope you understand now...

Hi Mik

Presumably you can get alto tune from youtube, if so, you can pick up the root notes and play the tune on tenor.
You don't say if you can read muisc.

If you can, it is included in two Jamey Aebersold books, 90 and 105.
Must be able to read as he's got a fake book. (why isn't there a sherlock smiley face)

I think you won't find a 'tenor version'. It's the same tune however you skin it. Only choice is what key you want to play it in. You could transpose it so you're playing it with the same fingering as desmond would have used on alto, or you could play in the key it's recorded in and work out the notes for tenor.

If you're after a version you can learn by ear including a solo... No idea what to suggest :(
Must be able to read as he's got a fake book. (why isn't there a sherlock smiley face)

Doh!! I must read these posts more carefully.

No sherlock smiley but i award you this lot:.

Grover Washington Jr does a nice version (Take Another Five), but I think that's on alto too. Julian Marc Springle does a clarinet version, which is a Bb instrument.
Crazydaisydoo did have this on Youtube and IIRC on tenor but not sure if it is still there, he took a lot of his early stuff off.

Just checked, Take Five is still there but played on alto.
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