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R & B, Blues, Soul Taj Mahal 'Queen Bee'


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Liverpool ( Pool of Life )
Over xmas i bought a load of cd's jazz/blues and have been playing them over the last few weeks and one i bought was...... Taj Mahal who i hadn't heard of before. I was playing it last night in my cab and today when walking the dog and he's cool :thumb:
A few tracks caught my attention when listening, Cakewalk into town, Corinna, Take a giant step, just of a few that are great tracks. He's worth a listen if you like your blues :)

Love this track
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British Columbia interior, Canada
He's on tour right now in the northern US and Canada. Unfortunately, he's not coming to my neck of the woods. I think he's best known for his song She Caught The Katy (And Left Me A Mule To Ride). The Blues Brother covered it in one of their two movies. It's been covered by countless blues bands I'm pretty sure. A blues band I played bass in covered it.

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