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Sympathies with our American cousins


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Having just heard the news my sympathies and I am sure from other forum members go out to everyone affected by the devastation caused by Sandy. I hope that our American friends survive this disaster with the fortitude they have shown in the past. Good luck to all in their endeavors. Best Wishes and Regards. Navarro.


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Me too. And it looks like moving North, where we also have members. Good luck to them too!


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I've experienced a couple of floods here on the East Coast but nothing like the Eastern Seaboard of the US is suffering. Without introducing a religious note I think "Amen to the previous sentiments" is appropriate.



I was luckily just out of the damage range of Sandy, but the new keeps coming in and it's pretty nasty. My thoughts go out to the people there, and my thanks for the kind words. Good luck to those still in the path.


We boarded up windows here and had the generators ready. If you look at a power outtage map of New England, Vermont was the only state spared from power loss. I think we took such a hard hit from Irene last year, there were no more big trees or power lines to go down. Our son had to commute to work in Delaware from Philadelphia the day of the storm - he works at J.P. Morgan - and they wouldn't allow the employees to leave and put them up in a hotel. Our oldest daughter lives in Queens, but her neighborhood in Astoria was miraculously spared. Family in Brooklyn did not fare as well, but everyone is safe so that is the most important thing. We were very lucky. Between the earthquakes to the north and east of us (4 this month) and the Superstorm - we are turning into survivalists.

Neighbors (who work for the power company as linemen) and friends (who are nurses) have been in the affected areas to restore power and deliver supplies since the day after the storm and are still there working, sleeping in their utility trucks and doing the best they can. We have been collecting blankets, winter coats (hats, mittens, boots), batteries and other needed items which our local fire department has been transporting from our small town every other day.

Much love to you and all the Cafe members. ((hugs)) from Vermont
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