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Swop a Tenor mpc for an alto? (Donations to be arranged)


Costa Blanca, Spain
Following the Swop suggestion:
Now that my lovely M2 tenor +PPT are about to get a new home, I'd be interested in swopping my 'other' tenor mpc, a Drake Ceramic ('production model') 7*, which cost $165, for an 'interesting' alto piece of about the same value, in size .075 -.080 (-ish).
(We could split an agreed donation to Pete's charity?

The Drake is VERY free-blowing ....more than the PPT...and , IMO, a bit brighter and louder. It actually suited me....as a rank beginner on alto.....better than the 'stock' non-Yam 4C (which I thought was cr@p), OR the PPT!
(The PPT has a 'sweeter' sound, but was a bit resistant for my chops, even with soft reeds).

(Or you could always make me a cash offer...I will have it in Southern UK from tomorrow, for six days! Then I'd pay the donation.)
That sounds interesting.

From my big box of alto mouthpieces I haver a few you might consider. Are you interested in brighter or darker sounding pieces for alto ? I've got a Pillinger, a Dukoff or a Berg Larsen that might fit the bill.

Looking on the Drake website I couldn't see a Ceramic model called 'production model' - actually the website is quite confusing in general as they have so many different materials and model lines. I can see tenor models called Contemporary, Contemporary II, Jazz, Studio, Signature Studio, Son of Slant, NY Jazz and more !

Could you point me in the right direction ?

It's one with a double-ribbed shank, possibly now out of production.
Give me a call sometime on 0771 973 6577 (UK mob)-
I'm after something a bit brighter than my Meyerish mouthpiece cafe NY #6.
I shall be darn sarf at ww&b tomorrow, then wending up towards Milton Keynes, after possibly a cuppa with Pete.
must dash...flight to catch
No-one interested in this rather unusual, but perfectly serviceable, mpc?

As I said earlier, I'm especially interested in trying an alto piece, a little brighter than my Mouthpiece Cafe NY #6.
(or even a nice soprano mpc....to keep in case I 'branch-out' in that direction :) )


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