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Swinging Mind from Wikiloops

With over 250,000 tracks to choose from, many quite simple, it's a feast of backing tracks that can help get players started on playing by ear. There are 300 of these backing tracks here at the Cafe, so one doesn't have to go far to check them out. The diverse range of genres is also potentially and enormous benefit instead of a strict diet of jazz standards. It's abundantly obvious that the demand for players of jazz standards is zero. Although touted that learning jazz vocabulary and playing in that mode is a good background for playing in any style, Pete Thomas tells a different story. His break came from NOT playing as a jazzer. That's even more important/true now. Any discipline that helps you get your chops together is OK (Classical, Rock, Jazz, etc.) however to play in any other specific style takes understanding it's quirks, rhythms, phrasing, melodic conventions, and forms. That doesn't happen instantly. Being able to practice these and expand one's mental library is just as important. It's a "real world" challenge that can open doors.

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