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Sweet Lorraine


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You've probably guessed I like playing Ballads.. 'Sweet Lorraine'

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Chris, you're rhythm is improving. The improvements are elevating.
Nicely done....
Your nicking all the great ballads Chris,we need peachy 1's like this for the ballads of the month :)))>:) mix it up atad.Get ya swinger chops going
Davey, I just enjoy playing ballads. I like to find interesting ones, I'll leave some for you to play;}..

There must be something in the air. I've just started playing this again after a request when busking.

To get your swing groove going, try it up tempo no backing, then reign it back for the backing track. I can't play anything slow till I can play it fast. It makes it feel like there's loads of time and space when you come back slow again.

A tip I got off an old pro when I was starting out was to phrase paired quavers as triplets with the first two tied. More of a jazz dooo da Dooo da than a classical da da da da. It even makes the sequencer swing a little. Oh and....

Blow the thing lol.
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