SOLD Swap - Your Conn C-Melody for My Buescher True Tone Alto


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I have a very pretty and lovely-sounding Buescher True Tone Alto which I haven't played since I got a modern alto. It seems a pity that it is sitting in its case.

I'm wondering if anyone in the Cafe has a nice Conn C-Melody and would be interested in a swap.
Needs to be in good, playable condition with a sweet sound.

My True Tone is a “Series IV” model from 1929, with a front-F key and a roller on the G# key.
These are generally regarded as the best of the True Tones, particularly with regard to intonation.

This is a lovely instrument to look at - frosted silver body with a gold-wash bell and shiny silver engraving and keywork. The engraving is in excellent condition, as is all the body - no significant silver wear. There is some scuffing and indentation at the left of the bottom of the bell, presumably from a belt buckle or similar, but otherwise the finish is as near perfect as one can expect for a 90 year old instrument.

Pictures here:
Dropbox - Pictures

It is ready to play and it sounds wonderful. There are some old pads that will need replacing some time, but no immediate work required.

In the case of a swap, we will work out an appropriate contribution to the Cafe.

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