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Try Hard Die Hard
Last night I watched flight of the pheonix for the ten millionth time "can't resist" every time I come accross it, and the moment when they try to start the engine must be one of the most suspense filled film moments of all time, can anyone think of others

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One of those really enjoyable, even if highly predictable, films that I am happy to watch again and again.

And even the recent remake is worth watching.

I don't like remakes as a rule. A film is sometimes great not because it's a great film but because of the casting and the performances. Phoenix is a good example for me. You can't beat Jimmy Stewart supported by a stellar cast. That Alfie remake missed the point too.

I think the tensest I've ever been was watching the second Aliens film. I was worn out by the end. lol
Ice Cold in Alex has it for me, the moment when they have to hand crank "Katy" up and over the sand dune gets me every time. Superb film that, in my opinion, is hard to beat! Oh yeah, that and the fact that Sylvia Syms is in it. (Sorry OG, I didn't mean to send you BP sky high)

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