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Super Cheap Alto


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The clearout continues. Super cheap alto. This one is a John Packer JP 041. It's in excellent shape, with just the most minor of scratches from clothing. Has a rigid hard case, and a Graftonite C5 mouthpiece, so a decent mouthpiece to get you going. This sax has an underslung neck, double arms on low C and B keys, high f#, adjustable thumb rest, etc. It's a well regarded brand. All pads, bumpers, corks and springs are in A1 order. I can play it right through the range with good breath support, but it has a minor leak somewhere which really should be fettled. In view of this, the price is a bargain £100.

Postage is £18 or you can collect for nowt from central London. Taking photos tomorrow - PM me if you're interested. I'll make a 5% donation as usual.
Or at least I tried to. Your inbox is full.

Strange the machine didn't warn me this time. I deleted something, but I realized I am after a JP45 (like mine). Not sure about the difference, if any
Last chance before eBay at the weekend. A decent sax for a hundred quid?

Hi Jonf, I was wondering if you have any other offers like the JP041. It looked like a great offer !!
Hi, I sold the JP on eBay, but do have an inexpensive soprano, a B & S Sonora tenor and (probably) a Yamaha YAS23/Vito. All play well. The tenor has a great tone.

I was going to sell all three after my holidays next week. However, if anyone's interested now, post or PM me and I'll sort out some details.


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