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It seems this song is popular at the moment so I thought I would post my version that I recorded using some new software called Sequel 2 by Steinberg. I'm finding this software very easy to use compared to Audacity that I used to use, plus the quality seems a lot better.

Now this isn't as good as the others on here and there is no improvisation, its all read from the dots, but I think I'm improving gradually when I compare this to some older recordings I have made. I am also playing a bit flat because I've been trying to compensate for my sharp middle D but I pulled the mpc off a little too far. I didn't want to re-record as I can only get all the notes correct 1 time out of about 20 at the moment!
Hi Jason,

Great version, great playing, and very enjoyable to listen to, well done!

It really is fantastic to hear other people playing.

And good recording too, nicely judged balance between the backing track and the sax.

Best wishes,

Bright and Sunny Forcast ...

I agree with Chris ... Nice mate ... :welldone
Sounds good Jason,what set up you playing ? .Think its about time i made my first recording might have a look at sequel 2,i need something not too
Sounds great to me! Well done!
Nice one Jason..Well done

Thanks all :w00t:

Sounds good Jason,what set up you playing ? .Think its about time i made my first recording might have a look at sequel 2,i need something not too

Hi Saxpa, ease of use was my first priority as well, and after trying a few pieces of software I chose this one because it was as simple as dragging and dropping the backing track onto the software, double clicking on the left hand side in the software and creating a new empty track to record onto, then mute it (so your playing doesn't come through the headphones, only the backing track), then just press record and off you go.

There are more advance options as well if you want them like adding reverb etc and these are very simple to add, not only that but if you purchase the software you can only get a boxed version which comes with a great instruction manual, you don't get this very often nowadays, only help within the software itself. One thing to note though is that if you want to create an unlimited amount of MP3 files you have to purchase an add-on for about £14, however, the MP3 quality is very good compared to the other pieces of software I have tried. You can obviously create WAV files etc as well.

I still need to learn more about blending my sax recording in with the backing track but on this first recording all I did was lower the volume of my sax track as it was a little loud and added some slight reverb.

Hardware wise I use an old laptop with Windows XP and a Shure PG27 USB mic.

Chris98 has posted a few times regarding the different software to use so have a search. I did used to use Audacity, and while it is free and simple, it just lacks that extra bit of quality, probably what I'm trying to say is that its a bit 'clunky' !
Well done Jason :welldone it's funny how we all seem to criticise our own playing, our worst own enemies ! I'd be very happy with that recording :)
Nice one Jason. Great playing.
Well done Jason, you did a cracking job on that. You should be very proud of yourself.

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