Cheers Rob, it's another one of those, I've had my orders this month again:sax:

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Wish it was summertime :( getting nippy. Super chilled vibe. Agree on the space, as I think space is the most important note :cool: nice flow through out, :clapping:
Cheers Davey, Space, Hmmm. That's what he said( my tutor). STOP playing, make them wait for the music, let their imagination fill in the quiet spots..So I guess when I said it's not 'the final frontier then', that's why he scowled at me :rolleyes::rofl:
Thanks for the comments as always.

You've had your tone and intonation sorted for a while now. Your timing and phrasing has stepped up a level just lately and is really coming along. I think the next thing to think about is getting a little more expression into your playing by varying the dynamics and perhaps bending the note a little. If you carry on at this rate you'll be a fine player quite soon.
Colin, thanks for your continued support and advice. Your comments are always welcome.

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