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Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
Hi Folks

A friend and myself are putting some Saxophone workshops in July and August. We are based in Leicestershire. These are not Jazz workshops , as we felt there are plenty of thse already going on. Ours are based on the time line of saxophone music. We will be looking at the music saxophones have been playing since Adolphe had his amazing idea of what to make today! We will take you through Military music, classical, Blues, modern and various other sorts. This is designed to show what our babies are capable of. So there will be plenty of ensemble playing. the day is open to anyone of the age of 11 with at least one years playing experience. Adults are very welcome as we feel they would benefit from the day too.

The workshops are limited to 20 players and start at 10am until 3pm With an hour for lunch in the middle. Once I have sussed out how to, I will upload a copy of our poster and leaflet for you to have a look at. If any one is interested we will make a donation to Petes charity for each Cafe member that enrols.

Let us know what you think either here or feel free to pm me.

Thanks for your time


Right folks

I have uploaded both the poster and our leaflet for the workshops.

If you got to and click on the June archive you will see the poster (click on it to enlarge it) and above that is to links to the flyer pages. The website is fairly new and still under construction so dont expect too much on your first visit.

It will get better as I get the hang of this technology stuff.


Even Better
I have managed to sort things out a little bit. If you go to there is now a summer workshop page with the details for you to have a look at.

Best wishes

Summer workshops update

Hi folks

The workshops are starting to fill up now, but we may have to cancel 1 or 2 due to lack of response for that particular area.

If you are thinking of booking then please let me know, as I would hate to cancel the one that you may be looking at.

We have a good mix at the moment with it being 60/40% adults/kids.

It will be a fun and challenging day and at the moment we have 2 cafe members enrolled, so that is £6.00 to Petes charity so lets see if any more are game for a challenge.

Speak soon


Summer workshops update

Hi Folks

Well we had the workshop yesterday, with 11 delegates and we have had plenty of positive comments about the day. The venue had excellent acoustics and the facilities were very good, so many thanks to the Leicester South Salvation Army for the use of their hall.

We started with a short history of the Sax presentation and a section dealing with playing techniques, then we look at 4 different genres of music. Military as this is what the sax was invented for, Classical, big band and funk. The aim was to introduce different styles to the players.

It's suprising how tiring the day was, but people had fun and made some new friends to. We were discussing at lunch how sax players are more sociable than a lot of other instrumentalists (this forum is a good example of that).

We are going to be doing more work shops later in the year so keep your eyes peeled for details or check on

As per the earlier post, I have donated to Pete's charity for the cafe saxophone member that came. The same donation will apply on all of our workshops.

Best wishes


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