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Suggest 2 Etudes for a College Audition?


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I wasn't sure where to post this but could someone reccomend 2 etudes for me to play for my college audition. I'm currently an senior in high school and have play alto sax for 8 years with the last two years not being in an ensamble. I have a couple auditions in March for a college concert/jazz band and I have no idea where to start looking for music. Anyone know what they would expect?
Good question, and I am sure that some of us would happy to give our views. But it would be helpful if you could give an indication of the level of proficiency you are aiming at. For example, do you know how they fit into the ABRSM grades?
It sounds like you might be from the States, in which case ABRSM is the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music,a main awarding body for music examinations in UK and beyond. My concern is that any audition that you attend should provide guidelines for what is expected - it is unfair to have to guess, unless the examining people wish that to be part of the assessment procedure. It would be useful if you could give a little more detail about what is expected as it may be that the UK members of the Forum may not be able to give appropriate advice.

Good luck with this.
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Yes I am from the US. The only information I was given was that the two etudes should demonstrate technique and musicianship. I can call for some more information. What questions should I ask? I have never auditioned for a music program before.
Having given it some thought I have been looking at ABRSM Grade 8 level music (the level UK students have to reach prior to doing music at university. James Rae - "12 Modern Etudes for Solo saxophone" may well provide an excellent choice of pieces for you to choose from for your audition. Do try and find a copy if you can. Other music by James Rae may well hit the spot.

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To translate a bit for the Brits - I think the expected standard here will be ABRMS7/8, as the Eccles sonata in the book Kev found used to be in the Grade 7 syllabus - I did it for my A-level recital many moons ago...

Other suggestions for the more classical end of the spectrum at this level - "15 Etudes by Charles Koechlin" should have plenty to go at (and are really good for practicing since each focusses on a different aspect!!).
As Tom says, the James Rae library is pretty extensive and technically very good.
Maybe try some of Lennie Niehaus' jazz etudes too for the jazz audition, though make sure it's advanced enough! Another book I use in the UK is "Sax Scorchers" (ed. Nigel Wood, pub. Saxtet), Salon de Destrabe in there is hard but good, and my favourite in that book is Atlantic Day which will blow away the panel if you nail it!

Questions to ask:
Check you've some idea of the technical level they're expecting (and that it matches these suggestions!) - ask for examples of pieces other applicants have played in the past;
Ask if they require an element of improvising too;
Check the duration they're expecting - don't turn up with fifteen minutes prepared if they're expecting six, or vice versa!

Good luck,

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Well done for re-reading the question.........................:shocked::w00t:;} Seriously a useful contribution!

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Try the Piazzolla Tango Etudes or Philip Glass 13 Melodies for saxophone. Both are really interesting and would present enough challenge and also impress the auditors!

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