Beginner Stupid Question is this soprano or alto?


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Is this Soprano or Alto?

Sure it's soprano but I thought I heard mentioned that it was alto somewhere and now I'm wondering. Trying to learn to play it by ear on my soprano and it doesn't sound anything like. So far got the first four notes something like A F G A in the lower octave, but now beginning to wonder what sax it is and whether I'm starting anywhere near the right place.
It is soprano and your first four notes are right on if you are playing a soprano in the lower octave.
Question = good

Not least because the rest of us can hear a piece that might have otherwise have stayed out of reach
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Really like that tune. The only one not in my book of Koz tunes so I had to give it a go by ear. See you're from Peeblesshire, don't know why but this tune reminds me of Scotland for some reason.

Do find it difficult sometimes to tell the difference between an alto and soprano sometimes unless there's that definite "snake charmer" thing going on.

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