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Stuffed pork loin, creamed mash

1 b/less pork loin. 1 rolling pin.
For stuffing:-
White breadcrumbs, apples, onions, fresh ginger, salt and pepper
Cling film.
Very simple recipe.

carefully cut a slit into the end of the pork loin and wiggle the blade of the knife slowly from side to side as far as you can,without piercing the sides then reverse the loin and do the same at t'other end, they should meet in the middle somewhere.
Insert the rolling pin all the way through and wrap in cling film and place in the freezer. This will create a tube shaped whole in the loin. Saute the apples with finely sliced onions, when soft add the ginger and salt and pepper, cook through for another 5 mins approx.
leave to cool, mix with white breadcrumbs.
Fashion into a tube shape roughly same diameter as the rolling pin, do this by rolling in cling film.
Place in freezer.
Once frozen ( loin does not have to be ) remove cling film, insert into the hole made by the rolling pin and tie ends off with string so stuffing does not fall out.
Cook in oven, i prefer slowly as the loin can be a bit dry, serve thinly sliced with creamy mashed poatoes with a touch of nutmeg, Enjoy


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Yum, that sounds like a winner to me! I agree that pork loin can have a tendency to become too dry, so a moist stuffing, sealing in foil or covering with a lid while roasting, or constant basting is a must.

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