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Student from Shermans Dale


Hello, all!

I am a high school student from Shermans Dale, Pennsylvania, and I have been playing the glorious golden instrument since about 4th grade. I was on alto for about 6 years before picking up the tenor, which I really have enjoyed, perhaps even more than the alto.

As you can see in my sig, I have a Bundy alto, which was the alto my parents bought me to start out on. Eventually, I would like to buy a good professional alto, but for now I'm alright with my starter. I also got a Super 20 tenor as an early graduation gift after playing on my school's tenor for quite some time (there really is a spectacular backstory to how that instrument ended up in the shop for purchase).

I'm a budding jazz-head, working on a few transcriptions right now, mostly Stan Getz, but I look forward to trying some Coltrane or Turrentine in the near future.

I also just had my eyes opened to Francois Louis ligatures, which really are quite spectacular! I had the privilege of playing one last week at a concert in which I was tenor in a small combo playing Kenny Dorham's Blue Bossa, and it really opened my sound up and gave me some hefty projection.

(Despite my post count, I am still pretty much a newbie on this forum. I started a thread a little back to address a mouthpiece issue of mine, but I still wanted to give CafeSax a nice, formal hello, since this forum really is a blessing - there's so much helpful information!)


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Big, if belated welcome from me. I think there are quite a few of us who're envious of your tenor. Do tell us the story. Have lots of fun here!


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Hey Hey Squawky ...

I saw a few of your earlier posts, so I knew of you ...

But its nice to meet you [officially] mate ... ;}

As Kev says ...

We are dying to hear your story ... :thumb:

Welcome to the Cafe ...

I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do ...


Okay, so here's the backstory on my King and the events leading up to deciding to buy it.

Back in January, I was trying out for PMEA (Pennsylvania Music Educators Association) District VII Jazz Band for my very first time on my school's Vito tenor, and after miraculously making it (the tone on the instrument was horrendous, but I had no other alternative at the time. I got poor scores on tone as a result), I had a discussion with my parents about getting a tenor that wasn't going to make ears bleed whenever I played it.

I had done some looking around on eBay and found a few really great saxes for some good prices (Conn 10M was one of them), but I ultimately decided against eBay since I couldn't really try the saxes first (most of them were on the West Coast US).

We went to our local music shop a few minutes from the house, and asked if they had any recommendations for where we could buy a used vintage tenor sax, and lo and behold, it turned out that the shop had recently received a battered King Super 20 tenor in its original case. The owner told us that if he had to choose between this and a Mark VI for playing jazz, that he would choose the Super 20. He pulled it out of the case, and the instrument was beat up beyond belief. Keywork was all messed up and partially detached from the body, the bell was dented, the bow was dented, the neck had several small dings in it, and in general it was a sad sight. It turned out that this instrument had been in the trunk of an automobile that had been in a rear-end accident (nonfatal as far as I know, though the initial condition of the sax said otherwise), and the shop had acquired it from the insurance company. The owner of the shop said he would hold it for me, and they would fix it up and let me test it out before I decided if I wanted to buy it. So, 2 months passed, they fixed it up, and I came in to play test sometime in mid-March, and I couldn't believe my eyes or my ears! The instrument was in complete playing condition and almost all of the functional and aesthetic issues were fixed, except for one oddly placed small ding in the neck that they couldn't really reach and obviously lacquer wear, but that adds character if you ask me ;}. I played it, loved the sound, and was sold. Bought it for around $2200 USD.

I got it just in time for the District Jazz Band Festival 3 days later :D

Beautiful underslung sterling silver neck and a lot of engraving on the bell and bell keys. It really is a joy to own and play. Now I just have to get my playing level to the caliber that this horn deserves.

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Hi Squawky
Big welcome from the North of England. Jazz head eh?. Only one rule... no scat singing it's banned.


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A big welcome from me too Squawky. I am sure you will soon be doing that tenor justice.:)

Enjoy the cafe, it is great to welcome you properly:D



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Hi Squawky

Welcome to the cafe,love your sax,it's a real find I,m sure you'll do it proud in it's new life, kind of like having an old master to guide you on your way...john
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