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Saxophones Struck lucky on ebay

Phil Edwards

Senior Member
East Sussex
Usually very wary of ebay, and would hesitate to spend a lot on an untried sax, but this week I got one of those deals that just works out.

Nacho will confirm I recently did my rounds of new instruments, plus tried a few new-ish s/h ones, just to see what's out there. And the result is the same as before - I can't find anything for which I'd sell my Martin. So I've been looking for a second Alto (mine really needs a service but as I'm using it about six days out of seven I can't get over to chez-Howard with it).

Last week a Martin Medalist from 1960 comes up for sale. Seller had excellent feedback on other instruments, he was obviously a player from the write-up, and the photo's were clear. Certainly looked interesting enough to set a price that would allow for tweaking if the description was a work of fiction.

As it turns out there was only one other bid, so I bought it for £271 inc postage. It arrives next day... you know what it's like - you so desperately don't want to find it's a pile of junk that you're reluctant to try it as the disappointment will kill you. Or the wife will.

But temptation was great - and it is very very good. Top end is astonishing, bottom end really good, overall it feels/sounds so like the Handcraft. At the price I'm really pleased with the deal.


half diminished

Senior Member
It can be done, my teacher picked up a Martin very cheaply - again she was the only bidder and I had some luck with a R&C Saxello a week of two ago. Not much interest so got it for a song.

On the other hand I've seen 'bid fever' take over and someone pay the same price for a well used item as you might buy it new with guarantee! Caveat Emptor though............. :w00t:

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