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Streetlight Manifesto UK tour!


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Hi folks!

A few years ago I happened upon the US Ska-Punk band Streetlight Manifesto and their superb CD "Somewhere in the Between", which features guys on guitar, bass, trumpet, trombone, 2 saxes, and drums.

They are touring the UK from 23rd - 29th May 2013, appearing at Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Hatfield, Wolverhampton, Bristol & Southampton, and are releasing their new CD on 30th April 2013 - "The Hands that Thieve".
They are a superb band of very notable musicians and well worth seeing if you like more contemporary music and a good night out!

Here is a youtube sample:
Here is their website:


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Its odd- I've toured with a couple of American Ska/Punk bands and found they tend to be packed with some extremely good players 'punching well below their weight' musically speaking. MU330 & The Planet Smashers in particlaur used to sound check with chunks of miles Davis and all kinds of eclectic stuff..... Saw Streetlight Manifesto at Glastonbury- top band!

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Good find Tom.
Would have gone to the Leeds gig but I'm in Australia until June.
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