Strangers in Paradise

Another example of a tune pinched from a Classical composer. Nice playing Chris, perhaps a bit more reverb.:)
Hi Jim, I enjoyed this one. My better half was listening to it this morning and said it would be nice played on sax so I found the score and did a backing track and the rest is here. I'll have a play with the reverb, thanks for the comments and advice:thumb:

I loved the cello with the sax. I love this tune, thank you :)
Yes Chris, without a doubt, lately your tone has become more enhanced. It's warmer and this pleases me!
Yes, a little reverb is in order, but I can hear the nature of your tone as its progressing even without the reverb.
Keep it up friend!
Interesting backing track. You've got the tone sussed and your pitching is good. The next thing to work on is your phrasing. Playing the rests and holding those long notes. Your playing has really come on since you got the cannonball.


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