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Strange little c-mel with a few oddities


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I am new to the world of vintage saxophones, and this forum, as of 4 days ago and have a few questions about a quirky Buescher C-Melody horn I bought, of all places, on craigslist.

The weirdness starts with a note saying, "unusual c-melody sax"
- Has white pads that are in tact, corks are in great shape too, felts need some lovin', but work great.
- It played out of the box (with reluctancy, + key oil on joints solved a lot of the problem)
- Has a serial number that puts it at 1923. Serial: 129062
- but...has gold plating with lacquer.
- Does NOT have the "c" stamped above or below the thumb hook
- Repairs needed: two springs, one pad on the back, octave pad.
- Plays incredibly in tune, (will post a youtube soon) with both the original mouth piece and with my tenor yamaha 4C mouth piece....the tenor mpc makes the most...creamy, wholesome, amazing jazz sounds.
- Came with a marching lyre in the case and original (I assume) leather neck strap.
- The case inside is also in amazing condition- all I found were a few small stones and dust.

If anyone could shed some light on the situation, that would be great! I know C-Mels aren't that rare or special, but I'm curious about this one, because someone clearly took great care of it and it doesn't look like the ones on e-bay or Even the patina looks different- it's very, very orangey-red.

Also, the sax itself smells SO strongly, (not so much the case) an old man drinking aged oak barrel scotch in a church basement!

Thanks so much!

Mollie The Newbie.

PS: I have a photo album online of the horn with close up (I'm a photo nerd too) photos of the items outlined here, but can't link to the album for some reason. Let me know if you want to see photographs, I would be more than happy to e-mail.

Andrew Sanders

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Also, the sax itself smells SO strongly, (not so much the case) an old man drinking aged oak barrel scotch in a church basement!
Hi Mollie,
This sax could belong to any number of forum members, but they probably won't remember.
It will be good to see the pics when the holy moderators allow you to post them.

The sax manufacturers in the twenties and thirties used to swap parts with each other that's why there is so much variation in different examples of the same saxophone. Conn, Buescher and Martin to name but three.


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Thanks so much for the reply! That's good to know about the parts swapping.

For photos-

I'm going to try this:
facebook (dot) com/media/set/?set=a.552367961463175.1073741826.100000699283679&type=1&l=da1f6411a5 <--- copy and paste it into your browser, replace the (dot) with a . and it should hopefully work!



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The C mels were made in a variety of finishes. I doubt it would hae been lacquered from new, but from your description it sounds as if a previous owner decided to have it lacquered. Sounds like you've picked up a top of the range model, lucky you. Take good care of it.

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