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Good grief :shocked:
Wow - I think that would almost be taller than me :)
When I read the title I thought the thread was about a tenor who wasn't gay. :)
Methinks he doth protest too much. All my horns are gay. Who wants a sad horn.
The man can play - but a serious question - why bother to build a straight tenor?
I think he left it too close to the Aga... I think I'll try to melt mine straight too
Yes, I guess so! I rather like the built-in moisture collecting facility on a traditional saxophone.
Would the bend on a traditional saxophone make intonation more difficult, perhaps? And would he be getting quite as much attention if he was playing a bent one...?
He has a few odd looking tenors. A white enamel, ok not that odd but also a zebra one and a red and black checked. Apparently he's Scottish and he's getting quite a lot of attention at Pizza Express. I'd have a look if he was playing locally and cheaper.
It looks very similar. The reviewer seems to like it. Why do the write a glowing review then record the playing of it on a tuppenny ha'penny rig?
I'm not an endorser or trying to sell anything and I only have the two ha'pennies and I need them to rub together.

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