Stolen trombone + music gear, Sheffield

Discussion in 'List Stolen Saxophones' started by GiGi, Apr 27, 2016.

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    I'm just going to copy paste the FB post, by the owner Lee Hallam:

    Lee Hallam[​IMG]feeling gutted.
    21 April at 19:10·


    Hi everyone, just a quick post to let everyone know that someone broke into my car near Sheffield on sunday afternoon and stole everything - yes, that's about the size of it!

    I was on my way to a recording session and so had my trombone, two most prised mouthpieces, all my mutes and my stand with me. They also got my 17" mac-book pro and my iPhone 5s (white and gold 64gig).

    The trombone was a Vincent Bach Mt. Vernon, Model 8 (i have the serial no if anyone gets in touch).

    There was a Vincent Bach Mt Vernon 11C mouthpiece and a Vincent Bach artisan 11C mouthpiece in with it along with some Slide-O-mix and a superslick water sprayer bottle and a couple of dusters etc.

    Also, in the side pocket of the trombone case was a Korg OT120 tuning machine.

    It was all in a black fabric covered lightweight hard gig bag with a shoulder strap.

    In a black wheelie case was:
    An old Humes and Berg mica mute, cup mute, copper bottomed straight mute, 7" Bucket mute, Solotone mute and pixie mute. There was also a black rubber plunger in there too along with a very old Hamilton trombone stand of some sentimental value given to me by a long deceased mentor and friend.

    There was also a grey Reunion blues zip pouch containing various bits & bobs i.e. pull through, mouthpiece brush, valve oil and a stratos.

    My Mac-Book pro was in there too along with it's charger and iPhone Charger! This contained quite a few sibelius scores i've been working on which weren't backed up!

    If anyone should see or hear about ANYTHING that might resemble any of this gear PLEEEEEEEESE P.M. me if you can or just post here and let me know where & how you heard about or saw it.

    As you can imagine, i'm utterly gutted!

    Please feel free to re-post if you think it will help!

    Thank you in anticipation to anyone who is willing to try to help!
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    Good luck. Hope you get them back!
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    It wasn't GiGI who lost them lol

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    Search the local "Cash Converters" and similar places. I had gear stolen once and that was where it ended up!

    I hope you get it back and the Bottom feeders who lifted it get theirs!

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