Stolen Selmer Tenor Mark VI No:86806

Discussion in 'List Stolen Saxophones' started by AlphornJoe, Oct 17, 2016.

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    Hi Selmer Fans,

    The Stolen Selmer Mark VI Tenor SerialNo No.: 86806 I posted on october 3., again is for sale on
    Be careful, this is a professional method to get other peoples money with the bait of a Mark VI, I LOST 2900€ indeed.
    NOW THE Price is about 5480Dollars.
    Here is the Link:

    Hope the Police will get him
    Sad regards AlphornJoe
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    Here's a hyperlink to Alphorn Joe's original posting dated 3rd October so you can read how the scam works:-

    Selmer Mark VI Tenor Serial No: 86806 Payed but not recieved (via

    Basically, you send someone a large sum of money (without any form of escrow or other anti-theft measures) to purchase an imaginary saxophone. In other words you trust them not to run away with your money, although there's nothing to stop them from doing it. Then, the imaginary courier accidentally damages the imaginary saxophone in transit, after which there are delays in getting a refund - until finally the seller disappears in a puff of smoke, along with your very real cash. And the would-be buyer lives unhappily ever, having learned a very painful lesson.

    The moral is to always use some form of escrow payment system e.g. PayPal. Alternatively, only pay cash for a horn when you can actually see the item right in front of you and can inspect it closely to determine whether or not the sale is legitimate. Another point to bear in mind: even if the saxophone is genuine, it could be stolen - which would create problems for you in the future.

    Finally, never buy a saxophone with a missing serial number. There is no innocent explanation for the serial number having been removed, so that should ring alarm bells.
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