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STOLEN Selmer Series 2 Alto - [Serial 615164] LONDON


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Between Tuesday 19th and Thursday 21st July my Selmer Serie 2 alto saxophone was taken from inside the Imperial College London music store room.

The saxophone is identifiable by the custom black rubber palm risers I have fixed on the D & F key and a small piece of cork stuck onto the front Bb key. Taken in dark grey selmer flight case (moulded).

The police have been notified and the instruments serial is recorded (6XX164), there will be no questions asked upon its safe return to the store. It is of great sentimental value to me.

Please report this immediately if you see it for sale!

Please pass this information on to as many students, musicians, teachers, shops,
enthusiasts as you know.

Chaz Keiderling
+44 7757 940581

Nick Wyver

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Minster On Sea
Good luck with getting that back.

BTW where's the IC music store room? In the union? (Just curious - IC '71-'73 - no, I didn't finish).

Me practising in the union building probably '73:


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I have the slim hair and luxuriant profile.:crying:

Me too, but my problem is caused by femail hormone injections :w00t: The good news is that they appear to cause new hair growth and with a bit of luck, I will wind up with as much hair as Nick (I nearly said wind up looking like him :mrcool)



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The store is in the Sherfield building, the most annoying thing is that it was probably a student who took it!

The support is much appreciated, I've been watching the obvious eBay, gumtree and craiglist but figured the more eyes the better.

Always good to hear from old IC guys, I started in 2007. The Imperial College Big Band was formed in 2003 and is now a thriving band, I'll try and post gigs up on here if it takes your fancy for a blast from the past.

Glad to hear most have kept their hair on ;}

old git

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It was Imp that contained that wonderful graffito in the loos that read, "I do hope that Excalibur does not chose this particular pool of water to make its reappearance," wasn't it?

Look forward to a chance to hear a big band in action again, last was the Surrey Youth mob.


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How were results?

To update, nothing has been found on the sax front. Other details that I forgot to put are:

Has the selmer copper neck not original
Was with a MORGAN Excalibur Mouthpiece (6E I think) so if you see one of these for sale give me a shout!


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Results were Perfect :welldone :D

She got precisely what she needed, and had already received the UCAS letter confirming her place at Imperial before setting off for school to get the results.

I hope you Sax turns up soon. I can't put into polite words how I feel about its theft. It's just so wrong.


sorry to hear about your horn, another couple of sites to keep an eye are :-

good luck.
My bari sax was stolen three years ago, and luckily, it was returned in a week. The gross part, I found spit in my mouthpiece, and I would sanitize it every day for weeks! I'm very sorry to hear that someone stole your sax :( It hurts when someone has the audacity to do something like that.


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thats really sucks, makes me so angry, you woek your but off to buy yourself the things you love and then somebody feels they have the right to take it , im based in ireland and am checking the online sites here every week looking for a bargain in the sax dept, if i see anything ill drop you a line,

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