On Wednesday 27 April, 2 Selmer saxophones were stolen from the boot of my car. The instruments are of great value as they are my livelihood.

The alto saxophone is a Selmer series 2. The palm keys are built up with cork, which should make it easily identifiable at a glance. Serial number 460783

The soprano saxophone is a Selmer series 3 with 2 detachable crooks, one is silver-plated. The palm keys have been built up with black rubber and the body of the instrument has extra engraving on the back, both features should make this instrument easily identifiable. Serial number N644161

The instruments were in a grey Selmer fabric double case so they may be offered as a pair. Like wise if the instruments have been split you may offered a single instrument in a double case.

The instruments have been reported stolen to the police. If you are offered the instruments to buy or to sell on I would be grateful if you could contact the police on the following number quoting the crime reference number.

Telephone: 020 7321 8885
Crime reference number: 6523 376/11

Failing all else my contact details:
Simon Stewart – 07778 628444
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