Stolen Selmer Balanced Tenor

Hi All,
I have had my Balanced Action Tenor Stolen (Nov 05) from southern Queensland Australia, but it could now be anywhere in the world, serial 35531 it had white roo skin pads, a lamberson wooden mouthpiece (number 8) and a selmer square backpack case.There is a dodgy solder job on the key gaurd to the low C where i burnt the lacquer a little. Generally a reasonably good specimen with much of the lacquer intact.
Also My brand new series III soprano also with lamerson wooden mouthpiece and same backpack selmer case. Serial 646022.
The bastards took everything i own, my crappy selmer usa bass clari (they can keep that one - i hope it squeeks every time they play it!) my G4 lappy with every tune i ever wrote, ipod, handycam.
Despite my ownership of all this rubbish i am a poor music student studying at the sydney conservatorium,
the horns could litterally be anywhere now, they are of great sentimental value! i will try and compensate anyone who is good enough to return them
my email is
any info is greatly appreciated,
this saxophone has made its way back to the original owner,dan.....
it took a few years,but he now has it because of the site....
hope everyone else gets theres back...
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