Stolen Saxophones Dorset


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These have recently been stolen in a Burglary in Dorset:

B and S Sonara tenor saxophone 63472 with Selmer mouthpiece in a standard grey tenor sax hard case.

Hanson alto saxophone H8A 50068, Selmer c star mouthpiece, Otto link no 7 metal mouthpiece

Earlham professional 11 soprano saxophone with straight and curved necks 08052 with Kanee mouthpiece.

Both the above together in a double Thomann case also containing Hercules double saxophone stand sax holder neck strap, Rovner dark ligature, Rovner light ligature. Large quantity assorted reeds etc.

Selmer Bundy alto Saxophone 1092219, in standard case Yamaha 4c mouthpiece.

If anybody has any suspicious persons trying to sell these instruments or if they have any information please contact Dorset Police using 101, and quoting crime number 55150151248. Or you can contact him using this email address:

Thank you in advance,

PCSO 7439 Simon Wakely

Dorset Police
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