Stolen saxophone in Amsterdam

Discussion in 'List Stolen Saxophones' started by AdamJH, Jul 20, 2014.

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    Good sax people!

    Last night (July 19th) my tenor was stolen on the street in Amsterdam. Below are details of the instrument. Keep your eyes/ears peeled, and let me now if you have any advice. Thank you!

    Brand: P. Mauriat
    Model: System-76 tenor; dark lacquer
    Serial no: PM0775507
    Case: Black SKB countoured
    Mouthpiece: Ottolink rubber vintage reissue
    *Audio-Technica lavalier microphones attached to the inside of the instrument, cables inside of the bell.

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  3. kevgermany

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    Really sorry to hear this. Hope you get it back soon.!
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  4. kernewegor

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    I have posted a copy of this on my facebook - see the "what are you posting..." thread. I have a few contacts in the Netherlands and Belgium, but it could turn up anywhere.

    The last one reported stolen on here the owner found himself by trawling around the secondhand shops and pawn shops in the same city.... I suspect that an opportunist thief would likewise try to dispose of yours and turn it into cash as soon as possible.

    While the police will list it, I would suspect that they won't search for it except as one item on a list when they do their rounds looking for stolen property.

    But do report it, and ask their advice. They are likely to have a list of shops and if you ask nicely they might tell you the ones you should try first...

    Please keep us informed.

    - Pawl
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  5. milandro

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    Sorry to hear that!

    We do have pawnshops in the Netherlands ( mostly the “ Used Products” franchise chain ) but they tend to be strict and are heavily regulated and it is highly unlikely that the thief would bring the horn there because they do have to show their passport to do so and the sale will be registered.

    The sad reality is that it would have been most probably stolen by a junkie who will sell it in the street for few euros.

    The person who will purchase this from the junkie will certainly realize where it came from and might try to sell it on Marktplaats ( the classified ad place par excellence) some time from now.

    I will be paying attention.

    Anyway, there aren’t too many saxophone shops in the Netherlands (you can find them all on line) but it is worth try to send and email to all of them just in case someone would bring this to any of them.

    Good Luck!
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  6. Jeanette

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    Some good advice above I do hope you manage to find it :)

  7. secondhandsaxes

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    sorry to hear about the sax stolen....
    on the bottom of my homepage there is a link to "STOLEN SAXOPHONES"
    please register it there also,as i know someone that got their super balanced action tenor back from having it on this site....
    good luck,philip

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