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Stolen Stolen Mark VI

I know what its like.I had a MKVI Tenor nicked years ago out a bands van.They parked up in the Gorbbles in Glasgow and forgot to lock the back doors !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but hey the 3 guys that owned the band paid up.I soon left the band after getting another MKVI with the cash.Yea theres alot of scum bags out there nicking things.I wish them the worst in there sad lives.I hope Soweto finds it.

I've deleted a few posts from this thread, the first one was no doubt well meant but did cause some negative reaction, let's keep this thread on topic please. The other posts I deleted merely as they no longer made sense with the first deleted.
Yes think post lasted a nano second mustn't have been PC enough.:welldone

Nothing to do with PC, just to do with fitting in with keeping this a happy forum, unlike many others which include a lot of unpleasantness, fighting etc.

Now if we can just keep this on topic as I politely asked above, and be aware of the forum rules then there will be no need to shut this thread down.
Just found out via Facebook that UK alto player Soweto Kinch has had his Mark VI alto stolen, if everyone could keep an eye out I'm sure he'd be very grateful.

Just a thought, if the owner could give more details of the instrument, ie. serial no. and pics, it would be helpful, not being someone that has any experience with the Mark 6, i wouldnt know what to look for if i came across one for sale.
Better still he could join in on the thread and keep us all posted.
funny thing.
Some time ago I looked for a SML tenor, found one on an Austrian selling platform.
I googled the guy's "name", and found a German soccer player. (Never got an answer via email..)
This time, I just found a suspiciously cheap Mark VI alto:
If you google the name in the email, you will again find a German soccer player..

Edit: Ok, read the full posting. Gold/Silver keys...:w00t:

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