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Stolen Conn Cavalier Baritone


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Hi, I am trying to widely circulate details of our vintage Conn Cavalier Baritone Saxophone Serial No 48194 which was stolen during a break in at our property (nr Ashbourne in Derbyshire) last September. The instrument is silver in colour with a gold plated bell mouth. It was in a hard sided flight case. It is marked "Elkhart Indiana" and a date which we think was 1927. The police and insurers have been notified and I am circulating details around all of the woodwind shops as sooner or later it will need servicing. Please let me know if this would be better posted on another thread.
Many thanks


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Hi Fleke, I'm really sorry to hear of your loss. There are some unscrupulous individuals about! I hope you get your bari back, I don't imagine that there are too many of them around. I'm sure Pete or Kev will move this post for you if they feel it needs it.
Best of luck and good wishes for the future.


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As above,

Thieving scumbags why can't they get off their backside and do as we do, earn your money not steal from others :mad: iv'e noted the seriel number, hope you get it back eventually


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Had a sax stolen many years ago,know the feeling to well.Hope you find it.As for the scum that stole it i wish them every possible ill fate and deadly disease there is on the planet to them.
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