Stolen - Bauhaus Walstein Earth series unlacquered alto sax, serial no. 93924


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Taken from my car boot 16/02/2018 at 9.45pm, on church street, twickenham - back window smashed and they grabbed my alto sax, luckily not the soprano which was also in there. My favourite alto, unlacquered, great tone, with a Meyer 6 mpc and ergonomic sax strap. In the original black case straps and slightly broken pocket zips on the front.


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It's good that you have the serial number because it provides conclusive identification. If you haven't done so already, make a police report so that the serial number is on file with them. If one day the cops raid the house where your sax is located (on some other matter) then having the serial number on file will enable them to contact you and return it.

Fortunately, yours is an unlacquered horn - which is helpful re. tracing it because most saxophones look shiny to the layman. Being unlacquered (non-shiny) makes your sax distinctive and therefore it will stand out from the crowd. With that said, you need to accept that there's a strong chance you may never see your horn ever again - painful though this is.

Whoever stole your horn is extremely unlikely to want to play it themselves. As with most opportunistic thefts from cars, the perpetrator is much more likely to sell it ASAP in the local area and spend the money on drugs/gambling. It was an impulsive theft by an impulsive person, who will very likely act impulsively to sell it - for much less than its true market value.

Any stolen item is "hot", which is a major handicap for whoever buys it i.e. the permanent risk of it being identified as stolen and then seized by the cops. Therefore, stolen items never sell for as much as any legitimate sale-item. Not surprisingly, options to sell "hot" items are limited because most people won't touch them with a ten-foot barge-pole. My advice would be to look at the following likely places where your horn may resurface within a roughly 5 mile radius of where your car was parked:-
  • "The Devil's Junkyard" (OK, it's unlikely to show up on eBay, but you just never know).
  • Music shops, even if all they usually sell is guitars.
  • Local second-hand or junk shops.
  • 'Cash Converters' or similar shops selling used electronic goods and household items.
  • Pawn shops
  • Gumtree
Unfortunately, Twickenham is in London - so it's a huge area to cover with lots of potential places where the b*****d who stole your horn may have fenced it.

Not that it makes any difference, but I'm sorry about what happened to you. However, perhaps you may derive some small comfort from knowing that the person who stole your horn almost certainly doesn't live a happy, fulfilled and productive life that's got any meaning to it. People like that are usually on the receiving end of large doses of negative karma, that gets dumped on them regularly as a natural side-effect of their anti-social activities. In short, they reap what they sow - and it's a bitter harvest that's richly deserved.
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