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Still Wanting a Bass Clarinet


Woodbridge, Suffolk
Hi all,

Ive trawled through SOTW with little success- it seems everyone needs one.

Im still after a fairly good Bass clarinet to use at Uni next year- I really dont want to take the Crap ABS Jupiter one.

Ill consider any offer's- can sort out some cash or trade.

Thanks in advance.
Just out of interest (and my wife'll kill me if she sees this) how much do you want for the Jupiter?
nah- managed to get over my financial crisis by selling my internal organs and my kids! Also got a damn fine new mpc on the bass clarinet and tracked down a heinous leak.... now it sounds superb and i love it dearly!!
Ah good- im glad you're pleased with a Bundy Bass!
Unfortunately, anywhere i want to go they dread any ABS model and are all for a Low C Buffet Prestige- however i havent got £6500 to get one!
Ill carry on looking though.
out of interest what MP did you get for it?
Ha, yes.
Sorry Guy's- clogging up the forum with Clarinet Banter- ill think of something i need for my sax and start a new thread :L
out of interest what MP did you get for it?
picked up a refaced LeBlanc from "Warp-X" on sax on the web. Apparently it was fine tuned by some guy in Asterdam and it plays great....

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