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Still Saxy After All These Years

Gary in San Diego

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I'm Gary in San Diego, CA (USA) and a few years ago at age 67 I came back to playing tenor sax after a layoff of about 45 years, although I did play some flute (classical and some jazz) within that time span. It is surprising how quickly it has all come back - probably due to my having a really good teacher and lots of time to practice. I have been doing some local jams as well as playing with play-alongs and I am in the process of setting up a home recording studio and looking for other musicians with whom to jam. My wife has generously enrolled me for both weeks of The Jamie Aebersold Jazz Camp in Louisville, KY in July (no doubt a good way to give her ears a rest for 2 weeks). I attended last year's camp for one week and it was a great experience.

For what it's worth my present set-up is:

Keilwerth SX90R tenor
Vandoren V-16 T8 Ebonite mouthpiece
Vandoren V16 2 1/2 reeds

I am totally open to communications with everyone worldwide with an interest in sharing what they know of playing jazz tenor and look forward to hearing from you.


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Hi Still Saxy,
Great that your back playing and have the time and tools. At this stage in life, having music and your horn is great therapy to look foward to each day! Stay healthy and kiss your wife...She understands! Gary King... Gigging just north of you in Dana Point.


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Hi Gary and welcome, another mature newbie here. Great place the cafe with a parking bay for our zimmers :D Funnily enough I was looking at an advert for the Jamey Aebersold summer school. The problem is that being in the UK it is a long haul. Did you meet the great man? Solar Flair is one of my favourites. Regds. N. (Alto newbie)

Justin Chune

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Hi Gary welcome to the cafe. I had a blow on a sax like yours recently and liked it a lot. My sister-in-law lives in California and was telling me that the temperature there just now is 85f. You lucky people.



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Welcome Gary. I hope you do not mind people going off topic.


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Well don't pay any attention to what I say as I am just an alto soprano guy....... Welcome to this forum .....and if yo don't like people wandering, we'll, hmmmmm, how to put it..... Errrrrr ...well you'll figure it out ....
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