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Of my many horns i had,and there's loads the Borgani pearl silver is still in the lot of 4 i sold and i still regret,The Borg,1 of my 6 mk6's,Keilwerth sx90 black nickel and my 1st Mauriat 66RUL.The borg was amazing,had loads of trouble with leaks but the sound was stunning,you got a great horn there and they look fab. Must say though i cant stop playing my new Mauriat 66RUL,OH YES.

I had a lesson with the new 'improved' Borgani and my teacher noticed the difference immediately, especially on the low notes. He had a go with it at the end and thought it was great! As I sold my Ref 36 to him a few weeks ago to buy the Borgani, I told him I was definitely NOT selling him this one....

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