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StaxofSax Workshop Febuary 23rd 2011


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Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
Hi folks

For those of you that like to play in groups or would like to try it, we have booked the next workshop date.

We are going for February 23rd 2011 at the Leicester South Salvation Army hall in South Wigston, Leicester LE18 4UZ.

The format will be different, in that we will start with a large ensemble piece to get everyone warmed up. Then we will break off into Quartet/Quintet size ensembles each with a different piece. This is with the aim of performing it to the rest of the delegates before lunch. We will be moving around the groups to help and offer advice regarding performance techniques an generally making the piece as polished as we can.

After lunch you will move into different quartet/quintets to gain experience of working with other people and have a go at a fresh tune. Yet again the idea is to get you playing to your strengths and performing your tune to the others.

Then if there is time we will have a spare large ensemble piece in our pocket to finish with.

At the previous events we have concentrated on large ensemble only but feel that more benefit would be gained from working in smaller groups as this is a more likely situation that you as players would find yourself in. However the large ensemble will still be featured as it is an experience in itself that is both fun and exciting to be part of. Its not often that you will get the chance to play with up to 20 other saxes of all types.

Registration is from 9.30 and we start playing at 10am, lunch will be about 12 noon and we aim to aim a 30 minute break. the will finish at approx 3pm. There is a very nice cafe on site and plenty of free car parking spaces. The venue is 10 minutes from junc21 of the M1. The cost of the day is £30.00.

If any existing saxophone ensembles wish to join us that will be great, you can either elect to stay together of share your experience amongst the other ensembles.

The day is about challenge, fun, music making and meeting like minded musicians of all abilities.

We welcome every one over the age of 11 with at least 12 months playing experience. Parts will be sent out in advance to give you chance to practice and easier parts will be available for those that would like them.

We have already booked 6 places but still have 14 available. If you are interested or need further information then please feel free to pm me or post here.

As usual, we will be donating 10% of any forum members fee to Pete's charity.

I look forward to seeing some of you there


StaxofSax workshops 23/02/11 Update

The places are being booked up pretty quickly, we have 12 players from as far away as Malvern, Peterborough, Lincoln and the West Midlands.

If you think this is something that may interest you then get in touch and I will happily talk you through a typical StaxofSax day.

I cant wait to meet the forum members (4 at the last count) that are coming, its always good to put a face to a name.

The other idea we have been toying with, is whether to look for a venue in another part of the country and bring the workshop to you. We would need to find a suitable venue and an area that has sufficient players to make the day work.

We would appreciate your ideas on that thought please.

anyway we hope to hear from you soon


As I'm a couple of hours away, a days course plus 4-5 hours driving is too tough for wimpish me, so a 2 day course, later start, evening bash, overnight B&B, might work??

just a thought....

The other idea we have been toying with, is whether to look for a venue in another part of the country and bring the workshop to you. We would need to find a suitable venue and an area that has sufficient players to make the day work.

We would appreciate your ideas on that thought please.

anyway we hope to hear from you soon


Workshop ideas

Thanks C9off thats certainly something for us to think about. I will talk to Chris and give you some feedback on what we can work out.

Thanks for the idea

StaxofSax workshops 23/02/11 Update

Well we have 16 players booked in already with some more still deliberating. But they could be too late if you decided to take us up on our offer.

pm me if you want more details or want to book your self a days playing with a group of like minded horn blowers like yourself

Hope to hear from you soon


StaxofSax workshops

This is going to be the biggest workshop yet for us, with 18 booked. However, we still have 2 places left. Who fancies joining in the fun and having a good blow into the bargain.

pm for full details

Brilliant Day


I just wanted to say it was a brilliant day. I've just got back home, and wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day - large band work, smaller break-out groups and the little impro bit at the end. It was great to meet a group of sociable like-minded players, and it has helped me to appreciate my abilities a bit more (not just my lack of ability!)

Many thanks
Hi Mandy

So glad you enjoyed it. We had 21 players today of all ages and abilities, and your right, they are a pretty sociable bunch. I like the fact that the adults dont leave the younger players out and that can only mean that they will learn not only about playing the sax, but see how much fun music can be. They are the stars of the future.

Hope to see you again


Great day again Dave and I thought the new format went well. :welldone
Thanks Martin, good to see you again and glad you enjoyed it. We were very pleased with the new format too.

What was your favourite piece?


Difficult one Dave because I enjoyed them all. The first group piece I did (donna nobis) was satisfying because as a group we nailed it but the last piece was my favourite I think, (moody mode) even if we didn't get it nailed, it was fun to play and would of been good in another couple of hours.
Thanks Dave, it was a great day :) the format I think was a lot better than last time and would be happy doing the same again.
Hi Jason

The format was better, but also the venue was a lot better, I think the Church hall we used was to boomy (just made that word up) I know I had sore ears for at least 2 days after.

Glad you enjoyed it and if you fancy it, the next one is the 20th April at the same venue.


Yes the venue was a lot better, forgot to mention that! No doubt I will be at the next one (work permitting!) and I'll reply to your email shortly with some feedback as well.
Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop (my first with Staxofsax) and enjoyed meeting a couple of other forum members and working with MandyH. Hope to get the chance to meet some other members at the next one.

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