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StaxofSax Workshop 31st May 2013 Leicester


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Hi Folks

We have got a date for the next StaxofSax workshop in Leicester. We are booked for Friday 31st May at the Leicester South Salvation Army Hall in South Wigston.

The day will be slightly different this time, as we plan to rehearse the large ensemble piece to give you a good idea of what our aim is and then we will break in to Bb saxes and Eb saxes for section rehearsals before meeting back up for a final run through. As this piece will be arranged especially for us and it will be a world premier we ought to try and do it justice.

The afternoon will be run by Nick Hislam again, leading the jazz session. We are hoping to have a live trio for backing the performances at the end of the afternoon, rather than cd's.

The day runs from 10am to 3pm and costs £30 per person.

Its open to anyone aged 11 and over with a minimum of 1 years playing experience. Its aim is to be a fun day with challenges and we have seen a fair few forum members at our events.

Check out the Staxofsax facebook page or www.daveplummer.net for reports, pictures and videos of previous events.

We keep the events down to a maximum of 20 to allow for support for the players and we have 11 places booked for this one already, so don't delay either pm me or staxofsax********** to ask questions or book your place.

Look forward to seeing you there


If anyone's thinking about attending but can't make their mind up - just do it! I went to the one in Thirsk a few months back, was a very enjoyable and educational day with some fun people. And not an intimidating atmosphere either. The addition of a backing trio would make it even better.

(I can't come this time cos it's too far, I'm too skint, and my missus is too pregnant!)
We had one of the best workshops ever (nearly 25 of them so far!) 18 players plus live rhythm section for the jazz. check out the staxofsax facebook page and Mandy H of cafe saxophone fame has kindly posted some recordings for you all to listen too. Got to go now as my first lesson has arrived, I will be back later with more details.
Go and listen and see what your missing.

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