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Beginner Starting a Sax Quartet


Hi guys,
I have, with another four players, a quartet (Bari, Tenor, Alto and Sop) and we´ll start playing next week. The question is (since we are all newbies) how to start to practice this kind of setup. Playing duets with my teacher, is not a problem, but four people I guess that we should start two people playing , and then adding another one and so on, or practicing in couples and then join the two couples, or go the four in one go...
Any ideas about how to address this?
each individual should be able to play their respective part. Then you should be able to practise the piece together. Play it slowly to start with and see how far you get ;)
Let´s see.
We´ll meet on tuesday for the first time. We´ll try "My Way", "Moonlight Serenade" and "Spain" fron Chick Corea.
Playing sax quartets is the greatest pleasure. You will have fun.

Hate to be a drag, but if you have four other players, doesn't that make a quintet?
It's fine all being able to play your parts but playing them all together is a whole new challenge. Do you have anyone who could conduct you through the first few sessions? Maybe one of your teachers will do it for a "small consideration"? Another possibility might be to get a percussionist to help you through by keeping the rhythm. Good luck - it's great fun. I've just come in from an octet rehearsal for a concert on Sunday, directed by my teacher, and it's amazing how in 4 sessions we have gone from sounding like a room full of old vacuum cleaners to something quite musical.
Old git you are good at maths :p
You are right...I counted me twice :|
We´ll meet tuesday for the first time and let´s se. Scores are not very difficult.
Right now we have no conductor.
I´ll let you know

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