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Hi. I recently bought a double stand claiming to be a double tenor/alto.Whilst it is fine for my Walstein tenor, the bell of my yama is so small in comparison with the"hook" that supposedly supports it that I do not trust it.The slightest shift in weight I feel would send the instrument sliding through. I am therefore distrustful of stands that claim to be for both sizes. Any thoughts anyone ?

Justin Chune

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I just bend them to fit. An alto can easily slip through a stand adjusted for a tenor. I noticed my alto half on, and half off the sax stand the other day. I'm now through using the same stand for both instruments.



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Buy a SaxRax stand. The best I've ever seen, by a long way. Their double stands are fine.

I too have saxrax for bari, tenor, alto and curvy sop and the alto is a yamaha.
I think they are the best.
I had to tweak my Rax for a good fit on some of the bells, I don't remember which but if I recall correctly it was a manufacturers tip to do so anyway.
I'm sure that what ever stand you have the same applies.
Just a case of gently does it.

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