Stan Getz on BBC Radio 3

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Shorty, if you go to the main page then look up programmes A-Z and go to the programme you want (that particular prog was in Geoffrey Smith's Jazz - GSJ -but you'll find progs like Jazz Line Up and Jazz record Requests also), then sort By Date, you'll find as many back progs as they can do. In the case of GSJ it only goes back to 2012 as the series started then. The Requests series goes back to 2007. Many hours of listening there!
Thanks for the link - I will definitely listen.

I have just finished Dave Gelly's biography of Stan Getz ("Nobody Else but Me") and it is a really excellent book, covering both the musical aspects (and DG is a saxophone player) and also Stan's personal life with its many incidents, difficulties and "issues". I learnt a lot and was very entertained - made me want to listen to lots more Stan Getz from all of his periods.

The book is strongly recommended.

Thanks Rhys. Dave Gelly is certainly authoritative. It's one I shall get hold of to read, even though, from the Woody Herman Four Brothers era, Zoot Sims is my more favoured player. The personal issues were much the same for many of them.
BTW, rather than buy some of these books, I've found the Inter-Library Lending Service very useful. If your local authority library doesn't have the book you want, they will look it up on line and order it from any UK library that does have it, for just £3.
There's also Stan Getz: A Life in Jazz by Donald Maggin. Opened my eyes as well!

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