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Stan Getz A Life In Jazz


Up for grabs a used hardback Stan Getz A Life In Jazz, a biography written by Donald L. Maggin. Was written in 1996.
I bought it second hand for US$14.50, retails for US$25. Except for one corner of the cover, it is in (very)good condition.
Has the usual endorsements by Jazz critics on the back cover!
I don't want to "sell" it, all money will go to Pete's charity fund. I will pay for p&p (second class). Available for 5 quid. If anyone offers a tenner even better!! If anyone would like it, please send the money directly to Pete's charity fund, not me.

The book is currently in Taiwan. I will be back in England on Sunday and would post it on Monday.
Hi Paul,

If this title is still available I'll happily pay £10 for it.

All the best,

Hi Chris,

Then I'll happily send it to you. I'm new to this....send me a PM (private message) with your address and please send the money to Pete's charity and I'll send you the book on Monday when I get back to GB!!
Thanks and enjoy the book,
Take care, Paul.
Hi Paul,

I've just donated but I don't know how to prove it! Maybe Pete could confirm that I have.

I'll send you a PM with my address,

Many thanks,

Hi Chris,

I will send you the book on Monday morning when I am back in England. Hope you enjoy it! I believe you that you have paid!!
I have your address on the PM.
Regards, Paul.
Hi Paul,

That's great, thanks very much, I really look forward to reading it.

I would just like to say that I have donated but it doesn't seem to have registered on Pete's donations thing. I did get a PM saying:
Your donation will be checked and you'll receive another PM if/when it's confirmed

I haven't received that second PM yet but did get an e-mail from PayPal so hopefully it's all gone through okay.

All the best,


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