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St Johnstone.....what a team !!!!!!


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So, as a kid, my football team were St Johnstone.
What a team !!!!
Unbelievably, they never won anything.
Wierd really, as they were so obviously better than, and had more skill, than everybody else.

I remember some fantastic nights playing European clubs, when Saints showed them how football should be played. Wonderful memories.

I lived in a very small town, about 15 miles from Perth. Me and my pal used to get the bus in to Perth to go to the games.
We were aged about 10/11.
Nowadays our parents would be arrested for child neglect. But that was the accepted norm back then, and we loved it.

But when Celtic or Rangers were in town, that was a different vibe, and we weren’t allowed to go to the match on our own. My dad, or my pals dad would take us.

I drifted away from footy, as many do, but always kept an eye on the results.
St Johnstone languished......skilful as ever, but never getting the results their skill levels deserved.

Then, about 5 years ago....glory !!!!!

They won the Scottish Cup......Their first ever trophy. At last skill rose to the top. gets better.
A few months ago, they won the league cup.
Today, they have won the Scottish Cup....again.

Yes, you read that correctly. Out of the three trophies available in Scotland this year, St Johnstone have won two of them.

There may be some debate with the blue half of Glasgow, but I feel they can justifiably call themselves the best team in Scotland this year....
Easily !!!!!!

So, I know you wont mind if I have a little shout out tonight for my team.


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