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Bristol, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
Hope this works,not the best quality but just a bit of fun

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Just a bit of fun Del? It looks and sounds a whole lot more than that matey!!! Great hat, cool shades even the colour of the strap works well on the black shirt and the venue (my imagination is working overtime as usual) looks just like the Cavern Club.....well almost :))) I thought it looked and sounded great. I also bet that if people didn't know that it was your first gig, they wouldn't have guessed it! Well done old chap :thankyou: :welldone
Looked very good...but I wish that singer had stopped "Hi-Ho-ing" for a few secs and let the horns be heard :)
Hey great....... at least the camera stayed where it should be.... ,on the horns :))):)))
Good gig:welldone:welldone
Looks like a very enjoyable gig. The one instrument that does not require a microphone at a small venue like that is the trumpet - and the guy is playing straight into one! Tell him to back off and give the rest of you a chance.
Thanks for all your comments people. It was a gig we did for free as the pub let us practice in their skittle allley.
The pub was packed and they had to turn people away and we got a good response and 3 bookings for next year ( paid )
The trumpet is louder and he also has a gizmo which can make him sound like 2 or 3 trumpets.I am saving up for a clip on mike so I can be as loud ( or louder )

Thanks for the comments about the get - up Taz it was a bit tongue in cheek and stereotypical but it was well received.The red sling is to match the red mouthpiece I brought from one of the guys on here
Its a harmonizer,the original idea was we could both go through it.The problem is we would have to both play the exact note at the same time and we do play different notes (purposely!!)

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