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Squeaky top G (again) driving me mad.


I've posted something about this before and I thought that I'd cracked it, but I've just had a practise session for over an hour and that darned top G is at it again. Only on the tenor, the alto is fine. I really have tried pretty much every embouchure combination possible; relaxing the jaw, tightening the grip, standing on one leg etc. I know that it is probably me, but is it just possible that it may be anything to do with the reed/mouthpiece set up (Yamaha 5C and Rico 2.5s)? I rotate 4 reeds at any one time and replace any that seem dodgy. Would a softer or harder reed possibly help or maybe a mouthpiece with a different lay? I am quite happy with the rest of my playing but this is really getting to be a pain. Any advice would be gratefully received.
You may recall I too suffered on occassion with the same problem. A few weeks on and after a lot of practice - long notes etc and a stronger embouchure the problem has gone completely.

Just bear with it and keep practicing.
Is this squeaky G thing catching? I've noticed i've been getting it over the last few weeks. There must be something in the air, like yet another mouthpiece/reed combi review:(
Soak your reeds in Gin before using, suck dry and play, if you still squeak repeat process, if after soaking the reed for more than 10 times, you should be at a point where you don't really care if your reed squeaks.

I did that too, even used Baritone reeds for greater liquid absorption ratio! :p But I turned to synthetic reeds and sobered up... :confused:

Similar threads... or are they? Maybe not but they could be worth reading anyway 😀

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