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Spongy action on the bottom C#


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My bottom C# feels spongy in comparison to the rest of the action, it's not helped by a slightly sticky pad but that's not what's causing the spongy action. The mechanism for this pad has many links and springs but I suspect the spring at the bottom that opens the pad to be too soft. There is also a slight bounce when the pad opens, would this be an indication of a soft spring?

Basically, is it straightforward to alter the spring tension or should I leave it to the experts? And does my novice identification of the problem sound about right?

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Firstly I would clean the pad on your C# so thast it doesnt stick.

remember that the C# is usually operated by 2 springs on modern one on the key that you press with your pinky and one on the key with the pad.

it could well be that your spring on the pad is a little light and this is what is causing your key to bounce.
it could also be that the linkage material - the cork/felt etc between the two keys has become compressed
it could be too much travel on your G# paddle as the g# key acts as a stop for the left hand pinky stack.

get it to your repairman/lady and (s)he should be able to sort it out in a jiffy.

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