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Splitters at Kidderminster!

Fraser Jarvis

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We'll be playing the Boars Head on Worcester Street Kidderminster tomorrow night for anyone who wants to drop by and watch how not to play a sax! should be a bit of a challenge as in addition to our set we will be playing one if not two old Splitters songs....haven't got a clue which ones yet, songs I've never played before, so will be a case of turning up and being told which one's and expected to play them straight off! Is this actually possible??
You'll be good with the unknown tunes. I'd love to come but we're playing in Rugby tomorrow night! Have a good one and enjoy the challenge!
Ha, just read that as "you'll be playing Rugby tomorrow night" guess a big lad like you would make an excellent Rugby player! and yes I will enjoy it very much, strange though isn't it, not so long ago I would never have dared to take my sax out in public let alone get it out and play it, remember first time I met you at the Squirrel?? there was absolutely no way ever I was going to get that sax out now there's no stopping me! ha ha.
Have a good one Fraser (and make sure that any band buses are parked out of harm's way...)
Have a good 'un and I'm looking forward to reading about your latest exploits on Sunday :)
Have a good 'un and I'm looking forward to reading about your latest exploits on Sunday :)
Was going to add, I will report back on Sunday as to how the drama did in fact unfold! lets face it there will be drama...there always is!
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Your gigs are always in two parts - the music and then the drama!
Your gigs are always in two parts - the music and then the drama!
There'll be even more drama, firstly I got three new songs to play that got sent at 11pm last night one with a massive Drew Stansall sax solo (ex the Specials) who used to play with the splitters before he went professional, one of the others is in a strange key, all got to learnt spot on by the time I get picked up at 4.15! Oh and the keyboard player has flu and doesn't want to go, so the drama is beginning to unfold before we even get in the van! It's gonna be a massacre!!!
How did the gig go?
Went really well, i didn't play two of the new songs i got as i just couldn't get it good enough in the few hours i had, think it was a case of discretion being the better part of valour! i meant doing the one with Drew's solo it though at all costs! absolutely nailed it as well and got very surprised looks from singer and trumpet player, felt very smug i have to say, so smug in fact i very nearly missed the next brass part! yeah all in all another great night with some great (and unusual) people.

And the bit you all want to know about...the drama! well i was getting a lift from a mate who lives just up the road into Leicester were we were all going to meet up at the keyboard players factory, the idea being i walk up the village and wait next to his car were he would meet off i set at 4 o clock saw his car which was parked right outside the conservative club, put me case down and waited....then some geezer absolutely hammered he was staggered out of the club when he saw my case sitting on the pavement he decided it had been nicked and someone had dumped it there, when i eventually convinced him it hadn't been nicked and was in fact mine he put his arm round me and asked me were WE were going, like an idiot i said Kidderminster, think the poor guy thought he was coming with us! anyway he eventually staggered off into the distance and apart from that i have to say there was no other drama, bit disappointing really...

I tried to upload the original copy of the new song with the sax solo in to sound cloud so you could see what i was up against but it doesn't want to play ball...i entered my user name and password....then it takes you to another log in page, its just so crap is sound cloud may look at an alternative music sharing site.

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