Southampton Prawn Fred Rice

Pete Thomas

Chief of Stuff
Cafe Moderator
The Blue Ridge Mountains
Prawns (1 pound)
Rice (1 and a half cups)
Oil (lots, e.g 7 tbsp of sunflower plus 3 tbsp sesame, yum)
Garlic, crushed (3 or 4 cloves)
Finely sliced fresh Ginger (a bit, maybe about a biggish marble sized chunk)
Small/medium Onion, chopped
Spring Onions, chopped
Chives, chopped

Boil or steam the rice, set aside.
Chop up onion and fry gently in wok until golden and/or slightly translucent
Add Prawns, crushed garlic and sliced ginger, turn up heat a bit and stir fry until pink (the prawns, not you)
Add rice spring onions and chives.
Stirfry for a few more minutes.

You can add some of the spring onions earlier.

Andrew Sanders

Northern Commissioner for Caslm
Ilkley West Yorkshire
Just bought a cheap rice steamer from argos in the sale for about a tenner.
It cooks rice perfectly for stir frying, separate and just cooked.
I find it's best after it has cooled down for frying.
Good for jasmine rice, brown, basmati etc. I haven't tried sticky rice yet but I bet it burns that.
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