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Has anyone had any experience with 'SoundCloud'?

In this months issue of Sound on Sound they do a write up on this new 'web audio delivery' site and it piqued my interest. There are various accounts you can have, the first being free which includes a limit of 2 hours of music you can upload! And then there are the paid accounts.

I'd be interested to hear of anyone's experience, particularly with the media player, do you know if it can be embedded to work in a forum such as this for example, like we can with youtube?

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Hello Chris,
I've been using the standard free version for months, not that I use it allot. I find it easy to put on there and easy to send a link to. I use it not only for music but also the spoken word like theatrical skits or poems etc. There is also quite a community their. You can even get feedback posted under the track at the place where they actually want to comment.
Don't know technically if it would work on this forum, Pete's your man to ask.
What I like about it is the ease of sending a link and anyone at the other end simply clicking and hearing.

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Don't know technically if it would work on this forum, Pete's your man to ask.
I don't think so. Currently only video embedding is supported.

This is probably because there are many more video hosting pages than audio, but you could always try and see if it works with the media button.
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