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Sound proofing rooms


Sure i will find all this info very useful, as I am now looking to soundproof a 4m x 3m brick built shed thats at the top of the garden about 25 meters away from my complaining neighbour's house. Funny, but neighbours on the other side don't want me to do it as they wont be able to hear me playing anymore!! and said that they have to sit out on the patio to hear me anyway.
I think options for walls, floor, ceiling and venting are ok using resilient bars fixed to joists , rock wool, acoustic boarding and soundmats sandwiched between the boards but not to sure on best way to go about the door. Soundproof doors seem to be about £1000 a time so am thinking about a fire door and frame and then using same method as on the walls. Maybe someone can let me know if this will be the best option.
As for power, i can do all that myself.
Any suggestions welcomed

half diminished

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SLoB my old china.......... how are you? Thought you'd popped yer clogs or summat!

As for sound proofing. Make em all wear earplugs!

Good article though Pete.
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