Sound as a pound or dodgy as Del Boy?

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I have an old, well very old copy of Dreamweaver as part of Studio MX 2004. Since upgrading to Snow Leopard I have had to use this on my Mac Mini which runs Leopard. Anyway, in a rationalisation that will see all my 'spare' computers being sold, I will no longer have use of Dreamweaver.

A straight replacement is £414 from those nice people at Adobe, or $399 US, not that the site will sell to me anyway, always re-directs to the UK.

Anyway, a quick google and I found Horizon Software selling Dreamweaver, full retail boxed edition for only £189. Too good to be true, well dodgy? I just don't know.

Anyone used these bods before? I have bought 'cheap' software before and then not been able to upgrade it at a later stage.
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I once bought a too good to be true version of Photoshop. It would not authorise. I managed to get Amex to get the money back to my card, but it took a while.

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My guess would be that it's a sort of legitimate compnay (they seem to have a real trading address) but that they are selling non-UK software they've bought from another market. Adobe uses quite aggressive differential pricing, selling at widely different proces in different markets, as you've seen from their own web price in the US. Unless you can find someone who has actually used this company I'd go very carefully.
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